Personal Injury Claim- Synopsis

Personal Injury: The definition

The term personal injury refers to any form of injury as a result of negligence on part of a second party. This can be a result of a traffic accidents, workplace accident, home accident, tripping accident, defective product, assault, and professional negligence. It is important to understand that to be injured from these mishaps, one does not require bruising. The ‘damage’ of the accident can be psychological as well as physical.Learn the facts here now your personal injury solicitor mark tiernan can advise you.

Personal injury from medical and dental malpractice

Professional negligence includes negligence as a result of medical and dental malpractice. There can be serious negligence on part of the doctors or dentists or minor. Both can result in monetary compensation.

Personal injury from use of defective products

Defective products pose a risk factor to consumers and consumers have rights. Product liability claims are interesting and pharmaceuticals, auto manufacturers, and construction industries are being sued. This forces these companies to act more responsibly. Merck recalled “Vioxx”. This was done to protect the consumers who were using the drug from possible increased risk to heart attack. GM recalled 2 million vehicles to ensure safety. This does not mean that these products posed any real threat but, it means that the companies are acting in the better in interest of the consumers and assuming responsibility.

Personal injury with serious consequences

In some claims the complainant has filed devastating long term consequences. These involve brain injuries and birth injuries but, are not limited to these.  It must be understood that the victim of this tragic personal injury isn’t the only one affected. The entire families are affected. Broken collar bones, cerebral palsy, and limp arms are just a few examples. Of late asbestosis and mesothelioma have been discussed openly. These diseases pose serious repercussions to the affected children and their families. The monetary compensation that is claimed from these cases is never going the replace the loss.

Common claims for personal injury

The most common personal injury claims are due to car accidents. Hulk Hogan’s son Nicholas Allan Bollea (Nick Hogan) made headlines after his involvement in a car accident. His friend’s parents have filed for personal injury that occurred to their son as he was in the passenger seat.

‘Personal Injury’ is no joke

More commonly referred to as tort these personal injury laws are no jokes. They are there for a good reason. How they are used is important. Used to protect the rights of people they are great tools. Used incorrectly for monetary gain they are tools of unfair business. People need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions. Monetary compensation may not replace what has been lost butFree Reprint Articles, will act as a wake up call for those who are negligent.